Caues of Job Syndrome
No definite cause of job syndrome is reported, however a number of theories have been compiled and 3 versions are projected as the main cause of this syndrome.

Theory 1; suggests that like all other syndrome jobs syndrome is also genetic in nature and an offspring inherits the disease from its parents. The gene responsible is autosomal and recessive in nature, in brief the gene becomes active and shows the characteristics of Job syndrome only when occurs in pairs. For a more simplified comprehension as from a layman perspective when a women carrier XX or XX meets with a male carrier XY or XY their progeny XX or XY inherits the gene and shows the symptoms of Job syndrome while in other case where only one of the parents is a carrier that is XX and XY the offspring produced is in no case gets affected by the disorder and live their life normally.

Theory 2; emphasis on marked increase of protein imunoglobin IgE in the blood. It triggers an immune response to the alien pathogens in the body resulting in fragile and feeble immune system leading to spine aberrations or deformity, bone density is reduced and teeth deformity accompanied by other characteristics of Job syndrome. Much research has been done but no crystal clear answer as to why this IgE protein increase occurs in the body.

Theory 3; promulgates that the main cause of Job syndrome is the absence of white blood cell Th17 which is mainly responsible for combating infections in the body and recruiting other antibodies to fight pathogens and foreign entities at the site of infection thus making the body and immune system fragile against fungal bacterial and viral infections.

These theories might tell the tale in different versions but if collectively summed up provide a strong basis for the actual cause of Job syndrome.
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