Job Syndrome introduction
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Job syndrome is a rare immune deficient disorder with a possible occurrence of one in a million as yet approximately 250 cases have been reported and many more remains concealed in the anonymous dusts of the third world countries.

Job syndrome simply puts your immune system out of job and makes your body more susceptible to fungal and bacterial infections. These fungal and bacterial microbes generally Staphylococcus aureus affect the patientís lungs skin and bones, giving their due diseases to the patient such as aberrations of skin, scaling of skins which are persistent through out the case history of an individual, pneumonia and bronchitis which is a disease of respiratory system also joins the ranks.

The patient suffering from job syndrome expresses all the possible fungal and bacterial infections along with fragile bones susceptible to frequent and multiple fractures, arthritis which is marked by constant erosion of bones at their joints is also frequent in the patients, complain of breathlessness, skin disorder called Eczema where rashes blisters along with pus formation in them or scaling and soreness of skin is also commonly visualized in the case history of the patients and coronary thrombosis or mayo cardinum infraction due to arrest of coronary artery, simply called heart attack, is also a marked feature of this disease, pneumonia and influenza bacterial infection also thong in numbers among the patients.

Jobs syndrome can affect any individual male or female of all age groups and races, but is daunting in children between age groups 1 to 10 and leads to gradual death of the patient. It can occur in any family at any geographical location even if there is no marked occurrence or its presence in the pedigree of the individual.

The disease is also called Hyper IgE syndrome (HIES), Job-Buckley syndrome, Job's syndrome and Buckley syndrome.